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  • New Coffee: El Conquistador

    Now I'm pleased to advise that we have what I believe is a viable addition to our great coffees like La Minita.  That coffee is El Conquistador. It...
  • La Minita Now back in stock!

    We have sold La Minita Estate coffee since Coffee Classics opened 30 years ago. La Minita Estate coffee is the flagship coffee of the La Minita Est...
  • Thoughts on French Press Brewing

    Is French Press brewing really better?

    The thing about French Press coffee brewers and brewing that intrigues me are the fundamental differences between drip brewed coffee (extraction) vs. press brewed coffee (infusion) processes. Thinking about this I realized that most drip brewing processes are attempts to standardize and control the brewing for consistency whereas the infusion process gives the operator virtually unlimited control over the brewing process.

    What do you think? Read the rest of my post and leave your comments.

  • Welcome To The New Site

    The new Coffee Classics website is here! We hope all of our longtime customers and friends will find the site friendly and easier to shop. To new customers, welcome! Here's a brief story behind the changes, about building something yourself and a company moving forward.

    Almost 20 years ago as we were getting ready to leave our store at Penn Square Mall I knew we were going to need a website to keep serving our customers. To that end I bought a license for Microsoft FrontPage....