La Minita Now back in stock!

We have sold La Minita Estate coffee since Coffee Classics opened 30 years ago. La Minita Estate coffee is the flagship coffee of the La Minita Estate plantation. One of the world's great coffees, it produces a small carefully tended crop making it a rare coffee. This year the crop you have been buying had become exhausted and was temporarily unavailable but now the new crop is in and ready for you to enjoy!

During the period of unavailability we selected another La Minita Estate coffee as a substitute. We acquired and tested El Conquistador coffee and found it to be a coffee that is deep-bodied with spicy dark chocolate flavor notes and a wine-like acidity. We were pleasantly surprised by the success of El Conquistador in the short time we were out of La Minita. So much so, we decided to keep it in our coffee portfolio. We like it and think you will too. Thank you for your patronage and patience during this period. See my post about our new coffee, El Conquistador.




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