New Coffee: El Conquistador

When I learned earlier this week that La Minita coffee is not going to be available for a few months, I was distressed because La Minita is and has been an important part of Coffee Classics' specialty coffee offerings.

Now I'm pleased to advise that we have what I believe will be a viable substitute for La Minita during this supply shortage. That coffee is El Conquistador. It is a member of the La Minita Estate family of coffees. It comes from the Santa Maria Dota area of the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. While not grown on the La Minita Estate it does come from an area close and is tended carefully, picked ripe and milled in facilities owned by La Minita Estate. The beans produce a coffee of exceptional quality. Our El Conquistador is a full flavor roast with a deep, dark chocolate flavor, great after taste and bright and rich finish. We like it and think you will too.

Try some El Conquistador coffee today!

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