El Conquistador

El Conquistador

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We're sorry, but this product has been discontinued.

El Conquistador coffee comes from the Santa Maria Dota area in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. For many years, this coffee has been a member of the La Minita Estate coffees. Although not grown on the La Minita Estate it is grown in the same general area and is a La Minita Estate product. The beans produce a coffee of exceptional quality and heavy body. Our El Conquistador is a unique full flavor roast coffee with a deep, dark chocolate flavor taste profile, Bright and rich.


Price, per pound: $12.95

Roast: Full flavor roast

Taste Profile: Mild, rich, bright balanced

Coffee: Single origin (Costa Rica), high grown arabica. Only ripe coffee cherries are picked, sorted by hand until only the most perfect coffee remains, carefully and properly processed, 

Note: We sell/ship a full 16 oz pound.