Common Questions

Over the years we have been asked certain questions repeatedly. Below are some commonly asked questions and answers to them.

Q: How much coffee is actually in a 1 lb bag?

CC: Coffee Classics packages a full 16 oz of coffee, carefully weighed, for every pound of coffee we sell. We do not and will not sell a 13 oz or 14 oz "pound" as some coffee sellers in the industry do. When you pay for a pound of Coffee Classics brand coffee, you get a full pound.

Q: What are specialty coffees?

CC: Please visit the Our Coffee and Tea page to learn about specialty coffees, which are a tiny fraction of the world's coffee production. Only the highest quality coffees are used for specialty (gourmet) coffees, and of those—only a fraction qualify for our coffees.

Q: What are traditional coffees?

CC: Our traditional coffees have all the rich, full flavor you love and contain caffeine. A traditional coffee might be referred to as regular coffee by some vendors. It is what is typically meant when someone speaks of coffee, and is simply coffee beans that have been harvested and roasted with no processing to remove caffeine.

Our decaf coffees are rich and full flavored also, but have been decaffeinated. You will find decaffeinated coffees listed and referred to simply as decaf.

Q: How are coffees decaffeinated?

CC: Caffeine is removed from coffee in a limited number of ways. There are solvent based methods and non-solvent based methods for removing it. The solvent based method is broken into a direct solvent method and an indirect solvent method. The non-solvent methods include a carbon dioxide method of removal, and a Swiss water removal method.

The processes are quite involved processes and would require a considerable amount of space to describe. We suggest visiting your favorite search engine and searching for "how coffee is decaffeinated" to learn more if you are interested. Here are a few query results from a couple of search engines that respect your privacy: