General Business Communications

Coffee Classics strives to maintain the highest levels of professional business conduct when dealing with customers. As such, we have a few simple policies regarding communications.

We may need to contact you via phone, email, or physical mail for the following reasons:

  • To respond to messages you have sent us.
  • To verify some aspect of an order.
  • To update you on the status of an order.
  • In response to technical issues.

Marketing Communications

Order Fulfillment

If you have started an order, but did not complete the checkout process, and you entered your email address, you will get a follow-up email relating to your incomplete order. We make use of Shopify's abandoned cart follow-up feature as a convenient reminder and as a way to reach out to anyone who might have experienced difficulty during the order process for some reason.

If you have experienced some difficulty during the checkout process, please let us know about it. Technical issues may arise on occasion with any eCommerce platform and we want to minimize and eliminate them—your feedback helps us do that.

Other Marketing Communications

From Coffee Classics

We may contact customers with a request to participate in a follow-up service survey, to solicit customer feedback or interest in new products. We strive to limit all communications, act professionally and ethically, and we respect your wishes and privacy. Our customers come first at Coffee Classics!

From Third Parties

Unless it's a third party service we use for something like customer satisfaction surveys, there should not be any. We will list any third party services that we use, right here.

Currently, there are none.