Our Coffee and Tea

Our Coffee and Tea

Coffee plant with ripe fruits (cherries).

Specialty coffee represents a tiny fraction of the coffee produced around the world. It is grown by farmers who take great pride in their product. After picking and processing, the green coffee beans are exported to our roaster and expertly roasted (an art as much as science) to bring out the coffee's best qualities. Our coffee is small batch roasted to reveal each coffee's best characteristics.

Coffee Classics coffee comes from the classic growing areas of the world. Many of our varietal coffees like our Colombian Supremo, La Minita Estate (Costa Rica), Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Kenya AA,  Guatemalan Antigua, Mexican Altura and others are single origin coffees and represent the best examples of their type. Our great coffees come from mountainous areas having just the right weather conditions and volcanic soil. It is high grown, generally 3000 to 6000 feet above sea level. It is all arabica and comes from farms so inaccessible that only agile workers and their animals can reach the trees to tend them and pick the ripe coffee fruit by hand. The workers return to the same tree several times during the season picking only the ripe fruit. It is a lot of work, but it's the only way to produce great coffee!

Our flavored coffees are based on high quality specialty coffee beans which are skillfully flavored to produce a delicious cup of coffee which maintains the wonderful taste of great coffee, enhanced with your favorite flavors, like Amaretto, Cafe Caramel, French Vanilla, Hazelnut Cream, Irish Cream, Tiramisu and many others.

Our traditional coffees have all the rich, full flavor you love and contain caffeine. Our decaf coffees are rich and full flavored also, but have been decaffeinated.

Please note: Coffee Classics packages a full 16 oz of coffee, carefully weighed, for every pound of coffee we sell. We do not and will not sell a 13 oz or 14 oz "pound" as some coffee sellers in the industry do. When you pay for a pound of Coffee Classics brand coffee, you get a full pound.

Check our Tea Information page to see our wide selection of specialty teas. You will find loose leaf tea, black teas, green tea, Oolong tea. You will also find flavored teas and decaf teas like Apricot and Blackberry as well as descriptions and interesting facts about tea.