Privacy Policy

Coffee Classics respects your privacy and has the following information to help explain what data we do or do not collect, what it is used for, and related issues. If you have additional questions, please visit our Contact page and get in touch with us.

Use of Cookies

Our web shop, powered by Shopify, makes use of browser cookies, and having cookies enabled in your browser is necessary for correct operation of ecommerce functions. Some cookies are used for server load balancing and user/browser session management, while others help provide analytics data related to sales and site visits.

If you do not wish to have cookies stored on your browser, you can disable them in your browser, however you will not be able to make use of the shopping cart feature and place orders on the site. Cookies are commonly used, a ubiquitous bit of modern Internet technology carrying out the purposes for which they were designed. While they can be abused by unscrupulous individuals or companies, they are widespread and a part of everyday life on the Internet. Coffee Classics makes every effort to look out for your privacy and data security.

A full list of cookies and how they relate to data collection with storefronts on the Shopify ecommerce platform can be found here:  Shopify's Cookie Policy

Data Privacy

Coffee Classics is an American company located in the State of Oklahoma, making use of contracted services for a hosted ecommerce platform with Shopify, a Canadian company.  Coffee Classics is itself subject to terms and conditions set forth by Shopify, which can be found here: Shopify Terms of Service

As such, your interactions with Coffee Classics may be governed by applicable law in multiple jurisdictions.

Coffee Classics does not retain customer payment method related information, as our web store makes use of 3rd party payment providers who process your credit card or other payment information.


Coffee Classics uses the Shopify hosted ecommerce platform for our web store. Shopify maintains the security of the platform. For Coffee Classics, that means the focus is on well secured access on our end (networks and devices), strong passwords, and limiting access to the SaaS (Software as a Service) platform of our Shopify account.

We will also keep abreast of platform, hosting, security, and network related issues and make every effort to keep customers informed in a timely manner of any which may impact their secure use of the platform/web store.