Tea Information

Types of Teas and Their Description

Teas, Loose Leaf, flavored

Most of the tea flavors are self explanatory except perhaps Earl Grey which are described below. Our loose leaf flavored teas are based on large leaf black tea. The tea is a Ceylon blend which reduces cloudiness and complements the various flavors making great iced or hot tea. These are fine teas which explains why so many love our flavored teas.

Earl Grey tea is black tea which has been flavored with oil of bergamot. This oil is very aromatic and has a somewhat citric flavor. The aroma is most memorable and enjoyable which explains why Earl Grey tea is the favorite tea for so many.

Teas, Loose Leaf;  Black, Green, Oolong

Our varietal teas are the highest quality examples we can find. All are large whole leaf teas and represent some of the best tasting teas available. Coffee Classics teas are fresh, full teas, they make about 200 cups per pound (6 to 10 cents per cup) making them a truly affordable luxury! Our teas come from the finest tea gardens from the classic growing regions of the world. Mainly; India, China, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and Formosa.  In our descriptions, OP means Orange Pekoe (large leaf) and "tip" indicates that it is a first flush or early picked leaf.

In general, tea contains about one half the caffeine of coffee. This is true of black tea, green tea and Oolong tea. Herbal teas (tisanes) normally have no caffeine.

Information on Specific Tea Types

Ceylon Dimbula - black tea

Ceylon Dimbula is one of the world's great and rare teas. It excels as an iced tea or hot tea. It has a wonderful fragrant flavor and has a golden color in the cup. Dimbula indicates the district where it is grown. This is on the western side of the island of Sri Lanka. This tea is grown at high altitudes of over 4000 feet. The tea grows slower there but the quality is high. It is a large leaf OP with some tip.

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Darjeeling - black tea

Darjeeling tea comes from northwestern India in the foothills of the Himalaya mountains at elevations of about 6000 feet. It is perhaps the world's most sought after black tea. I like it best as hot tea, it has a great aroma and a brisk, flowery bouquet. Our Darjeeling is a large leaf OP with some tip.

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English Breakfast - black tea

English Breakfast tea is Keemun black tea from China. Some like a little bit of milk with it for their morning wake up. The Keemun teas have been favorites of tea drinkers for centuries. Please understand that there are many variants of English Breakfast tea and that they are not all alike. Our tea strives to be most like the classic teas used in England for many decades.

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Pearl Green - green tea

Green tea comes from the same plant (Camellia sinensis) which produces black tea. The difference is that green tea leaves are not fermented but are dried before fermentation starts. This lack of processing preserves the leaf's flavonoids and antioxidants which may explain many of the health benefits credited to green tea. Our favorite green tea is our Pearl Tea. Also known as gunpowder tea. This tea is produced from a leaf which is rolled into a small ball which resembles a pearl or a gunpowder pellet, hence the alternate names, pearl and gunpowder. The appearance of Pearl Green tea reminds one of little pearls of tea which, when steeped, unfurl to release their delicate herbaceous flavor.

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Oolong tea

Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea with a dark, olive-like color. It is called the "champagne of teas" because of its distinctive flavor and aroma. Our oolong has a large leaf and brews an amber colored liquid. The taste is mild yet rich. Oolong tea has many of the same health benefits as green tea.

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